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Abandoned NL On Bell Fibe TV

I wanted to bring attention to a great local show that was made for Bell Fibe TV right here in Newfoundland & Labrador. It’s called Abandoned NL and it’s hosted by St. John’s locals Cordelia Richards & Brianna Follett who do a great job on this show.

Join Cord and Bri as they adventure all over Newfoundland to explore some of the most interesting, abandoned places that the province has to offer. With lots of laughs, great stories, and spooky adventures to be shared along the way, Abandoned NL is a celebration of the province’s rich history and culture.

I follow these two ladies on TikTok and love their content and it was a blast watching them in this show. This province is laced with hidden and forgotten places. I’ve even come across strange items in remote places when I’ve gone hiking off trail like a 1960’s VW Bug rusted out in the forest without a road in sight.

Abandoned NL’s first season was completed after six episodes and they take you all around the province investigating dead pirates, abandoned buildings and places that time has started to reclaim. It has been out since summer 2022, so apologies for getting the word out here so late.

@lord.cord so excited to finally share this with you guys! 👻 #abandonednl #bellfibe #tv1 #tvhosts #newfoundland #newseries #comingsoon #summer2022 #tvshow #abandoned #exploring ♬ original sound – Cord🎈

Abandoned NL was directed by the talented local Mr. Wes Holmes(view portfolio) who I think is one of the people to follow and watch in 2023 and beyond. How can you watch Abandoned NL? If you are a Bell Fibe TV customer, go to channel 1, or watch it on demand with the Bell Fibe TV App at your convenience.

If you’re into Newfoundland & Labrador history, love spooky stuff and abandoned places then you will love this show. I hope they do a season two and beyond, does anyone know if they are? Let us know what you thought of the show down in the comments and we hope you enjoy watching Abandoned NL.

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