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Funky Biscuit Box In St John’s For Sale

There are a lot of colourful homes in downtown St. John’s and various states of affair to say the least. They’re sought after homes for those wanting to live in one of North America’s oldest cities. Does this downtown townhome actually qualify as a biscuit box since it’s attached? I’ll leave that up to the experts and or critics, I for one think it does follow under that category.

From the outside it doesn’t look like much to be honest, and that’s what made seeing inside this place completely capture my attention. The interior has had extensive upgrades on both levels making it one of the more modern homes of its kind in the area. Keeping in mind this place is nearly 100 years old now, the current owners did a bang up job breathing life back into it.

There is a lot to talk about in here, from the exposed wood beams to the original staircase. Each room in this house seems quite different thanks to little touches all over and throughout. What I really love though is the kitchen in this 1176 square foot home. They’ve managed to create a very food focused ambience with a very nice kitchen setup.

The fun doesn’t stop there either. The outdoor space in the back is the cherry on the top for this property as it gives you plenty of space for enjoying sunrises, BBQs and even some grass which is rare in these types of properties in the area. Not only that, there is a private upper patio that gives you views of the harbour and city.

This beautiful little home in St. John’s is currently on the market for $389,900 CAD and is listed with Robert Decker of RE/MAX Realty Specialists. You may reach him via 709-725-3778 to learn more or book a tour of this downtown gem. If you have a unique listing like this and want it feature all you have to do is just let us know about it, and if we love it, we’ll post it.

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