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Helicopters Flying Over St John’s Today

I had seen a video on TikTok today about these helicopters landing at the airport the other day but didn’t expect to see them flying over St John’s. I was sitting outside in my backyard when I heard them coming from what I assume was St John’s International Airport.

Sadly, my phone was in the house charging because I spent most of the battery taking videos of my kitten. I ran inside and thought I’d scour social media for what the occasion was. Thanks to Edward Hollett on Twitter he says “The Ospreys and Hercs through St. John’s in advance deployment in support of Biden’s European trip.”

Osprey Helicopters Fly Over St John’s Video

Thanks to @ShaneCollins34 on TikTok we can see some recent video of the Osprey Helicopter’s landing in St John’s International Airport. What a cool experience to witness firsthand, but thanks to him for his video we can see these helicopters up close. If you managed to capture them flying over St John’s today please do tag me on either TikTok on Instagram.


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Osprey Helicopter Photos

Good ol’ Eddie Sheerr On Twitter managed to get a handful of fantastic photos of the helicopters parked on the runway.

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