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Meet Merlinda The Garbage Mermaid From Birchy Cove

Say hello to Merlinda, the mermaid made out of garbage and litter left on the beaches of Birchy Cove. A lot of Newfoundlanders sure do love to litter everywhere and it makes me sick to my stomach. Everywhere I go I see garbage strewn about and the good people of Birchy Cove decided to do something about it.

Thanks to one of our followers Mark Grey for allowing us to use his pictures and help spread the message to all those POS who litter so much all over this beautiful province. I’m glad to see more young folks piping up about this and hopefully over the next decade we see less and less garbage on the ground and beaches.

Merlinda The Mermaid also came with a message from locals who created which includes the very talented Abigail, Regan, Clara, Reggie and Helen.

Merlinda was created from fishing buoys and other garbage collected from our beach She is designed to bring awareness to the damage done by using our oceans as a dumping ground

Merlinda The Mermaid Photos

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