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Mount Pearl Medical Spa NEWBODY NL

I had the chance to check out the Mount Pearl medical spa NEWBODY NL last week and had a great time checking out their facilities and meeting the people working there. We were planning our Mother’s Day giveaway which we’re doing for fun and to give something back to a special mom out there.

NEWBODY NL is a medical spa located in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, Canada. The spa offers a range of services, including non-invasive body sculpting treatments, laser hair removal, lip blush, and rejuvenating treatments.

They utilize top-of-the-line medical laser technology, including Sharplight, and provide over 10 non-invasive body sculpting treatments to address various concerns such as tattoo removal, scar and stretch mark removal, skin tag removal, IPL, hair removal, acne treatment, laser eye lift, face lifts, skin tightening, surgical scar removal, sun and age spot treatment, rosacea treatment and more.


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NEWBODY NL is known for its personalized approach, offering services tailored to individual needs. The spa has received positive reviews, with clients praising the friendly and welcoming staff, clean and professional environment, and high-quality products and services.

In addition to its services, NEWBODY NL also offers courses and training programs. These include a 1-day Wood Therapy course and a 2-day Body Contouring course, which covers multiple non-invasive fat reduction techniques such as Wood Therapy, Vacuum Therapy, Laser Lipo, Lymphatic Drainage Techniques, Radio Frequency, and Cavitation. 

Mount Pearl NL Medical Spa Skin Treatment

The spa provides certification for these courses, allowing individuals to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the industry, NEWBODY NL has undergone significant growth, transitioning from a home-based operation to a formal corporate structure and eventually to a newly built medical spa in the center of Mount Pearl. 

The spa is located at 236 Park Avenue, Mount Pearl, Canada, and can be contacted by phone at 709-685-2999 or by email at [email protected].The spa’s services and courses are available through its website, which includes a service menu, product shop, and information about the spa’s history, courses, and contact details. 

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