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Newfoundland Restaurant Inspections Going Viral

Newfoundland restaurant inspections are often going viral on social media as of late and they provide the people with what they want…gossip. It’s also good to know when it might be time to stop going to that one dodgy restaurant no matter how good the deals are.

Finding the latest restaurant inspection reports in Newfoundland & Labrador isn’t hard, there are two great resources online from the government so you can make your next meal choice.

latest newfoundland restaurant inspection reports

The last few years in Newfoundland has been shown that inspections were not done often enough around the province and changes have been made, and are apparently underway.

The report, which includes findings from April 2019 to the end of 2021, says the department didn’t perform the required number of inspections annually and miscalculated inspection scores to make businesses score better than they did.

Latest Newfoundland Restaurant Inspections

Find the latest reports for your region of the province from the government here ->

What Is A Newfoundland Restaurant Inspection?

Restaurant inspection reports are comprehensive documents that summarize an onsite evaluation of a food establishment and its documented food safety management system.

These reports contain information about the food safety practices, sanitary conditions, storage practices, and the overall soundness of the food facility design.

The goal of these inspections is to ensure the health and safety of guests by checking for compliance with food safety practices and health codes, such as safe food handling, employee hygiene, and maintenance of a clean environment

They are aimed at maintaining a healthy food supply for the public and preventing hazardous food items. The reports are made public by local food authorities and are accessible to customers, allowing them to see the status of a restaurant’s approach to food safety.


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