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The Famous Penis Shaped Iceberg In Newfoundland aka Dickie Berg

The penis shaped iceberg that popped up here in Newfoundland & Labrador has been dubbed Dickie Berg and it has certainly captured the hearts of many. Funny enough, a man from Dildo, NL, spotted this iceberg in Harbour Grace so it does seem the big guy upstairs might have a sense of humour after all.

This phallus shaped iceberg went viral and who would we be without covering it? While it may be a bit on the NSFW side, this will do wonders for iceberg tourism and travel here in general. This year’s iceberg season has been quite incredible and I know this unique one will have caused many, many people to book a trip here next year.

The Dickie-Berg sadly has collapsed the other night so it won’t be popping its head up anywhere else sorry to say. Until the next strangely shaped iceberg, this has been a hilarious end to a fantastic iceberg season here in Newfoundland & Labrador.

Dickie Berg The Legend Come And Gone

The iceberg was photographed in an area of the province known as Conception Bay, and Canadian Ice Service data shows over 200 icebergs off the coast of Newfoundland alone as of last week, with dozens more off the coast of Labrador making their way south. The iceberg’s resemblance to a penis has made it a viral sensation, with people making jokes and puns about it on social media.

The iceberg has been nicknamed the ‘dickie berg’, a play on the Newfoundland euphemism “dickie bird,” referring to a penis. Pretty uploaded pictures of the iceberg, where it spawned worldwide interest. While jokes about the iceberg aren’t exactly elevated, one might say the internet has really risen to the occasion.

Dickie Berg Instagram Content

There is a ton of media of the Dickie Berg and if you click the first big image here it will take you to the explore page for the Dickie Berg on Instagram.

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Dickie Berg TikTok Content

There is only one video worth watching at this point, here you go.

@newfoundlandmemes Buddy had to check out the dickyberg. Photo credit to Kennth J. Pretty. Incredible work. #newfoundland #newfie #iceberg #meme #bettlejuice ♬ original sound – NLMemes

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