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The story of Rocket Bakery With Kelly Mansell

I came across this video the other day about one of my favourite cafes and it was such a beautiful story to hear how The Rocket Bakery came to be. The Maritime Edit and the ACC put together this short which tells you how this place became a much loved staple of the city. The Rocket Bakery continues to flourish and grow here in St John’s and you can see why after watching this short video.

I often walk to their Churchill Square location with my dog for a coffee a few times a week and I cannot wait to be back at their downtown location. As of today, their Water Street location in phase one of their reopening plans with phase two will involve dine-in once again.

They now open from 8:30 am to 4 pm every single day and you can best see the latest food at hand via their Facebook and Instagram feeds. Their online ordering makes it a breeze for takeout which you can do right here. We wish the whole crew at the new location best of luck and a hope they have a brilliant year ahead.

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