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This Old Church Is For Sale In New Perlican For Only $42k

I’m doing research for an article highlighting interesting real estate for sale under $50,000 and this little old church came across in my feed. It’s listed for only $41,900 and all proposals to buy this have to be approved by the United Church Of Canada, take that as you will.

This old church for sale in New Perlican is also sold as is, which does include the pews and the organ and pretty much all you see here. That for some folks will be quite attractive. I’m even a bit tempted to pull the trigger. Either way, I hope someone who loves this property does something special with it and enjoys living in it.

This once was a St. Matthew’s United Church and it’s 1,000 square feet and has one bathroom which you can see in the photo gallery below. It was built in 1901 and is ready for some genius to come in and renovate this into something special and enjoy the town around you. This place done right could be really something special.

If you’re interested in buying this old church in New Perlican you can contact the agent Wayne Harris to learn more or get a tour.

Old Church For Sale In New Perlican Photos

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