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Lil Dickie Berg The Next Phallic Iceberg Sensation?

I was away on the long weekend with a photography group and Wandering Newfoundland woke up to another uniquely shaped iceberg floating just outside the Coastal Cliff House in Bauline East.

lil dickie berg

We recently saw a massively popular, and large, phallic shaped iceberg known as Dickie Berg make international news and launch our Iceberg season into the spotlight once again. So does size matter? Depends on who you ask, but certainly when it comes to icebergs here it certainly seems so.

Will Lil Dickie Berg go viral too? Wandering Newfoundland stated that it might not quite “have the same reach” but who knows. He said it was still quite far away and his lens also couldn’t quite get the reach needed to get a more clear shot of Lil Dickie Berg.

So close yet so far.

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