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Newfoundland Granny Square Blanket Oil Painting That Wows!

We’re on with Maker’s Monday today and our first post was a stunner and this “granny square blanket” isn’t a blanket at all, it’s actually an oil painting. This work was done by artist Maggie Rex aka Lost Anchor Arthouse on Instagram and you may remember her Newfoundland gloves painting from a while back which we featured(and you all loved from the response we saw).

Newfoundland granny square crochet blankets are a traditional craft specific to the island of Newfoundland, Canada. They are constructed by crocheting individual granny squares, square motifs made with double crochets, in various colours and textures.

These squares are then meticulously sewn together to form a larger blanket, and you typically cherish them for as long as possible.

The colour choices in these blankets often pay homage to Newfoundland’s natural beauty. Deep blues and greens reflect the vast ocean surrounding the island, pops of red echo the vibrant fishing boats, and creams represent the province’s characteristic rolling fog. These blankets are not only beautiful keepsakes but also serve a practical purpose, offering warmth and comfort.

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