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Newfoundland Iceberg Embroidery Loop Design

I saw this on Etsy today and loved the design and thought you should all see it! This Newfoundland iceberg handmade embroidery loop design is a fantastic piece for your collection or as a gift.

The Etsy listing you’re referring to is for a “Finished Newfoundland Canada Iceberg Landscape Hand Embroidery in Hoop.” This handcrafted item is priced at CA$95.00 and is described as a rare find. The embroidery depicts a landscape featuring an iceberg, which is a common natural sight in Newfoundland, Canada. The product is presented in a hoop, which is a traditional way to frame and display embroidery work.

The shop that offers this item is based in Canada, and the listing suggests that if you order today, you can expect to receive the item between January 12th and January 19th. However, it’s important to note that returns and exchanges are not accepted for this product.

The delivery cost for shipping is CA$15.00, although there seems to have been an issue with calculating postage at the time the information was captured.

The shop has received positive feedback, with a 5 out of 5 stars rating based on 7 shop reviews. Customers have praised the shop for excellent customer service, with one customer mentioning a custom order that was fulfilled quickly.

Another customer expressed satisfaction with custom pet embroideries that captured the unique features of their cats, highlighting the precision and attention to detail of the shop owner, Marwa.

The reviews also commend the exquisite stitching and the overall experience with the shop, indicating that customers would consider purchasing again due to the quality of the product and the service provided

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