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Reacher TV Show Filming In St. John’s

The TV show Reacher is currently filming in Downtown St. John’s this week and it’s great to see as this will only further the lust for filmmakers to come on down here. We’ve seen photos and videos across social media of all the filming action and the stars of the show taking in the sights downtown.

Some folks Reacher would be filmed in Halifax after wrapping up in Toronto. I wonder why they chose here, especially when they dolled up the block to look like Portland, Maine(what a beautiful place this is as well) in America.

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Tons of folks have captured footage and pictures so here’s a list of all the Reacher sightings in St. John’s and around Newfoundland and Labrador.

@newfoundlandbuzz Jacker Reacher on Prime filming location in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, made to look like Maine, USA. Sent in by @itswanderboy #reacheronprime #filminglocation #stjohnsnl #newfoundland #amazonprimevideo ♬ original sound Newfoundland Buzz

Never Heard Of Reacher?

If you’ve never heard of the TV show Reacher, here’s a quick recap.

Reacher is an action crime series based on the Jack Reacher novels by Lee Child. The main character, Jack Reacher, is a former military policeman who travels the United States and gets tangled up in trouble.

Season one follows Reacher as he’s wrongly accused of murder in the small town of Margrave, Georgia. Using his intelligence and strength, Reacher teams up with honest cops to uncover a conspiracy involving powerful people in the town. Season two sees Reacher reconnect with his former military unit to investigate the murder of a member and seek revenge.

Reacher Filming Along The East Coast Trail?

This is just pure speculation, but the timing makes sense. With that being said, no need to go clutter the streets and be a nuissance while they’re trying to work.

There will be filming taking place on Stiles Cove Path near Pouch Cove. As a result, a portion of the path will be temporarily closed to hikers, and a detour has been put in place.

If anyone on the cast or crew reads this, encourage more BTS photos around here to share later and give this beautiful province some more exposure!

Photo & Video Credit: Glen Paul

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