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2023 Newfoundland Iceberg Season So Far

The 2023 Newfoundland iceberg season has been pretty spectacular thus far and we wanted to round up our favourite photos and videos. There are so many talented photographers here, as well the advancement of technology really gave us more work than we bargained for. This post could take days to write because there was so much fantastic content out there.

We will also be continually updating this post, you can tag us on social media or email us photos to add into the foray. For those who have stumbled upon this post and have no idea what iceberg season is, prepare to be amazed and adjust your travel plans accordingly.

What and when is Newfoundland Iceberg Season?

Newfoundland is known for its iceberg season, which usually runs from March to July, with the peak season being late May to early June234. During this time, ancient glacial ice floats down the coast from Greenland and Canada’s Arctic. Icebergs are most plentiful in April and May, but they are often trapped in sea ice that prevents tour boats from operating.

The best time to view icebergs is late May to early June along the coast of Newfoundland and between March and July along the coast of Labrador2. Twillingate, known as the Iceberg Capital of the World, is one of the best locations in Newfoundland for admiring icebergs.

The prime season for iceberg viewing in Twillingate is mid-May to mid-July each year and I personally recommend this as your go to spot if you want the best experience. That or Fogo Island which put on quite the show this year.

Visitors can often see icebergs from land, but many local operators also offer boat tours that get you a little closer for viewing4. However, it is important to note that there is a risk of falling ice, large waves, and submerged hazards, so safety should always be a top priority. The weather in Newfoundland can change quickly, so visitors should be prepared for all four seasons. If you are not keen on the sea, you can also view icebergs from hiking trails, lighthouse, and other vantage points.

2023 Newfoundland Iceberg Season So Far

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