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2024 Corner Brook Winter Carnival Guide

The Corner Brook Winter Carnival is an annual community festival that takes place in Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada. The festival is dedicated to the celebration of winter, fostering community spirit and pride, and encouraging economic development and tourism. 

The carnival typically lasts for ten days and is filled with a variety of events for all ages.

The Corner Brook Winter Carnival was first established in the 1960s by Dr. Bob McLeod and other members of the Marble Ski Club. The initial event was a success and by 1977, it had become a major annual event covering a ten-day period. The carnival includes a range of winter sports, indoor and outdoor activities, and events for all ages. Each year, a Patron, Honorary Chairperson, Special Guests, Carnival Queen and/or Ambassadors preside over the festivities.

The 2024 Corner Brook Winter Carnival is scheduled to take place from February 16th to the 25th. 

The carnival includes a variety of events such as axe throwing, a night of music and magic, a torch light people parade, and the lighting of the Carnival Torch at City Hall. 

Other events include the “Not So Newly Wed Game”, a Leifling Gala for children attending kindergarten to grade 6 at a Corner Brook school, and a dog parade. 

There is also an Annual Winter Carnival Craft and Gift Expo.

The carnival has a mascot named “Leif the Lucky”, who reflects Newfoundland’s heritage and the fun and games of carnival time. The carnival also has official merchandise like toques and scarves, with patterns available for download on their website.

The Corner Brook Winter Carnival has grown significantly since its inception and aims to be the largest and best Winter Carnival in Atlantic Canada. It has a strong community base and reflects Newfoundland culture, hospitality, and a winter fun experience.

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