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7 Pothead Whales Saved In The Nick Of Time

How about some happy news for once? Last week Ryan Collier of Fisheries, Forestry and Agriculture NL managed to save 7 pothead whales from dying after getting stranded in Embree, Newfoundland. It’s unclear just how lit these pothead whales were at the time, but they sure did manage to get themselves in quite the pickle.

FFA Resource Enforcement Officer Ryan Collier is today’s hero, he managed to get out there and spend just over three hours setting them free back into the ocean. Without his quick response, it wouldn’t have ended well for the pothead whales and I know they would be grateful for this act of kindness.

On behalf of our team and I’m sure everyone who reads this post, thank you for your effort to make this a happy outcome and it’s great to see positive news like this. If you know of any happy news like this as it happens, don’t hesitate to let us know as we love to cover it and spread a bit of joy in this world.

Photo Credit: FFA NL On Twitter

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