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Airbus Beluga At St. John’s Airport YYT

The Airbus Beluga was at St. John’s airport(YYT) and we managed to sneak on over and get a few photos of the airplane parked near the gates. You could see it coming down the highway and when you rolled up to it, the stranger it looked.

This is the first time I’ve seen an Airbus Beluga and despite being behind a fence, managed to get a few pictures for here and you can see video on our Instagram right here for viewing.

The Airbus Beluga is making a pit stop here before heading to Florida in the coming week. I got picked up this afternoon to race down and grab a few photos before it was gone. I managed to get a few shots from behind the fence, nothing great but it shows the size and shape quite well.

Airbus Beluga St. John’s Photos

The photos of the Airbus Beluga at the St. John’s International Airport were taken from the sidewalk by the arrivals entrance. It’s gated but you can squeeze a lens through or above. You can use any of these photos so long as you link back to this website and credit us.

airbus beluga st johns airport yyt

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