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Beware Anti-Pride Protest This June 9th

I try and stay out of politics and topics that cause idiots to fight in the comments, and simply want this place to be fun for all. Sadly, I’m seeing a whole lot of disgusting behavior online and it needs to be called out. I’m all for free speech and protest, but be careful with whom you’re getting in bed with as well.

Straight away an anti semitic remark is in the event description and that’s all you need to know who’s behind this. There is no pedo conspiracy at play, the kids dressed up, we’re told to love every one and spread that message and had a blast. Not sure aligning yourself with the Jewish conspiracy crowd is a smart move.

There are consequences for gross actions and it’s so sad that we cannot move faster towards trying to be kind and understanding. This post and the fog has absolutely ruined the day.


ps. Grammar in this post is atrocious but I had to get it out

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