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The Priscilla and Edwin Miller House Is For Sale In Trinity

The Priscilla and Edwin Miller house is a registered Heritage structure that was built in 1917 and this unique home offers a truly wondrous way of life in a place that is nothing short of magical. This charming curved roof house was built for the fisherman Edwin Miller and his wife Priscilla. A rather rare style of houses, the form is concentrated in Trinity Bay around the old and new Bonaventure. Of the five remaining houses in New Bonaventure, it is the only inhabited house that retains traditional windows and partitions.

After Edwin’s death in 1942, the house was occupied by Priscilla. It was not until the late 1950s that the house was bought by fisherman Sam Miller and his wife Theodosia. “Aunt Thea” is well-loved in the community and is known for her hospitality. Elderly residents of the area still refer to this building as the building of Aunt Thea.

The Edwin and Priscilla Miller property was designated as a registered real estate structure by the Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador on March 27, 2003. Its name is recommended as a representative example of the expression of local vernacular architecture and is recommended for the completeness of its historical background.

It’s For Sale!

Gardeners will love the fact that there is a grassy root cellar right next to your home accompanied by a front porch to ensure that your tubers stay fresh in the winter. This is a special home, carefully restored and beautifully decorated by the current owner. All the heavy work has been completed, and the internal architectural details are intact. Furniture generally matches the period and can be negotiated in the sale price.

The Priscilla and Edwin Miller house was built in 1917 and has three bedrooms and two bath over two levels. It comes with ocean views in one of the most beautiful towns in all of Newfoundland and is listed for $199,000 CAD with Chris O’dea. You can call him directly at (709) 685-6559 to learn more about this listing.

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