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St John’s Car Rental Guide 2022

Looking for a St John’s car rental this summer? It has come to my attention that it is extremely hard to get a car rental in St John’s and just about anywhere in Newfoundland for this summer travel season. While it is going to be extremely difficult to get a rental car at this point, we have rounded up some extra resources that folks not from here might not know about or find on their search.

Beyond the typical car rental companies you book during your travel plans, there are a few places locally that also offer car rentals in St John’s. Thanks to this great Reddit thread, a few more options were made available and I hope more come up in the near future.

St John’s Car Rental Options

  • Freshwater Auto in St. Johns has started renting some of their stock (And are now running ads saying they have availability)

  • Capital Auto Group has also started renting some of their stock

  • UHaul has small pickups and cargo vans that may be a good last resort. there are sometimes daily rates available that don’t include 60 cents a km.

  • Some folks here for more than a few days might consider buying a used car and selling it on departure.

  • Keep checking your rental sites – there are sometimes cancellations you can grab.

  • Centsible Car & Truck Rental in Mount Pearl is another possibility

If you know of any other St John’s car rental options that are not on this list, we would love to add it in so drop a comment or send us an email with your car rental tip. It’s only going to get worse as the popularity of Newfoundland & Labrador rises and more and more folks want to come here.

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