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The Coles House Vacation Rental In Savage Cove

I was looking for another unique vacation rental to feature and I stumbled upon The Coles House vacation rental thanks to one of our lovely followers on Instagram to tipped us off. The Coles House in Flowers Cove has a whole lot of charm and it’s in a nice and remote spot.

Those looking for an upcoming staycation getaway somewhere a bit more remote might want to head west towards St. Anthony’s. A nearly 10 hour drive from St. John’s means you certainly are away from it all out here. This area has endless hiking and ATV trails, ocean and pond access in abundance and there’s enough stores in town to keep you stocked up.

Where Is The Coles House Vacation Rental?

It is located in Flowers Cove on the west coast of Newfoundland and Labrador. If you’re on the west coast already, it ‘s just a beautiful half day’s drive including stops along the way. If you’re on the east coast, well you can certainly drive since it’s a scenic one. Otherwise, fly into Deer Lake, rent a car and head on off as it’s only a few hours drive.


How Can I Book The Coles House Vacation Rental?

The Coles House is on AirBNB for $125 a night and we think it makes for a great vacation getaway for the family or with a couple good friends. It has some modern touches, wifi, a great kitchen and room for six or seven if you’re pushing it. You can book it right here on AirBNB and I recommend reading their nearly 5 star reviews which seem to say it’s a fantastic place to stay.


What Kind Of Traveller Should Come Here?

This is a more remote area of the province but is full of outdoor adventures including hiking, biking, dirt biking and ATV tours in remote places. You can drive to either St. Anthony or Gros Morne National Park in a few hours, or just enjoy the abundant nature all around you here.

This would be a great spot for those that want to do some whale watching or iceberg hunting in the right seasons. You get a good show up here with less of a crowd then you would in other areas. You’re also close to the ocean which has trails, as well you can do do the Deep Cove Historical Walking Trail or The Marjorie Bridge & Thrombolites Walking Trail.


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