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Still Full Bottles OF Vintage Newfoundland Beer From The 1960s

Here’s an interesting Facebook Marketplace to kickoff Sunday morning. Before you stands three bottles of vintage Newfoundland beer from the 1960’s which are unopened and still full of premium craft beer. Should you drink them if you choose to buy the beer? I’d advise against from doing so, despite how temping it is to know if they might still possibly taste good.

I love finding unique things for sale on FBM and this is very interesting. I thought there is more than enough of our readers with sheds who would love to have these on display…and not for drinking on a dare. These are most likely the last remaining, full of beer, vintage bottles anywhere in existence.

atlantic beer brewery vintage newfoundland beer

The Atlantic Brewery made the two beers on the right. This brewery opened in Stephenville in 1968 and employed 50 people from the area to make the Newfoundland beer. Sadly, the Atlantic Brewery was shutdown within a year in what is still somewhat of a mystery as far as I could tell in my research.

So the two Atlantic Brewery beers are the only two types they ever made with the Atlantic Lager as their flagship beer followed up by the draft. Apparently the Atlantic Draft beer bottles are ultra rare so here we go, a bit of Newfoundland and Labrador history untapped. The Bison Brew is the same beer rebranded after the Bison Petroleum company bought the brewery out many decades ago.

Would you like to learn more about beer in Newfoundland both new and old? You can learn more about this brewery and more at which I have to thank for providing most of the research. This website is a treasure trove of knowledge of all things beer here.

The seller has three bottles, says they’re in good shape and he is open to offers and interest trades which I find kind of fun. Perhaps the seller is a fan of Seinfeld?

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