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A Vandalized Pub In St. John’s Turns It Into A Positive

Graffiti and crime in general is a plague on the downtown St. John’s core, a story all too common across this country but that’s a story for another day, and another publication. Here at Newfoundland Buzz we tend to try and stay out of divisive news and gossip and focus on entertainment and community.

The other night the by’s over at The Newfoundland Embassy pub had some unfortunate graffiti artist leave their mark on their exterior wall. Needless to say, an annoying expense to wake up to and more than anything would put me in a sour mood for the rest of the week.

Instead, they turned it into a positive by showcasing a locally run graffiti removal business run entirely by young entrepreneurs. I thought we’d try and share a positive message as well and let other businesses in St. John’s and surrounding areas about their graffiti removal service.

Say Hello To The Scrub Squad

The Scrub Squad specializes in removing graffiti from various surfaces like walls, fences, and buildings in the St. John’s Metro Area. Their team of skilled professionals uses effective techniques and eco-friendly equipment to restore the original look of the surface that got unwittingly drawn on. They also do free on-site quotes, so keep their contact in your phone.

Phone: 709-401-0997
Email: [email protected]

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