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Brigus Brewing Co Coming Along Nicely

I’ve been following the Brigus Brewing Co development since they started refitting the house they’re turning into the brewpub. The location is set in Bridgie Lamb’s 130 year old homestead and former beer store, all which is getting a facelift while keeping its old world charm.

Their Instagram account over @BrigusBrewingCo has been documenting a lot more as well and I’ve decided to share with you all just what has been going on. You can also parts one through three below of the build process, as well learn a lot more history behind this house in the video below.

Part 2 & Part 3

It’s not entirely clear one when the Brigus Brewing Co will be open, but one Facebook comment of theirs mentions August..just not sure this year or next. I would imagine next year but we will reach out and continue to update this post as more information comes out in the coming year.

Brigus Brewing Co Photos

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