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Mystery Ghost Shipwreck Of The Coast Of Cape Ray Newfoundland

A mysterious shipwreck has recently been discovered off the coast of Cape Ray, Newfoundland. The shipwreck was first spotted on January 20, 2024, by a local resident.

The ship’s hull, which is approximately 24 meters long, is made of wood and appears to be from the 1800s, based on the use of wooden dowels and copper pegs in its construction.

The sudden appearance of the shipwreck has sparked curiosity and excitement among locals and historians alike. The community of Cape Ray, a small coastal town with a population of around 350, has a history of shipwrecks due to its challenging weather conditions and navigation difficulties.

The Shipwreck Preservation Society of Newfoundland and Labrador is planning to investigate the shipwreck. However, without any cargo or personal effects from the crew, it may be challenging to definitively identify the ship. The society hopes to narrow down the possibilities to a shortlist of three or four potential matches.

The local community is eager to learn more about the ship’s history and is reaching out to experts and officials for help. There is also interest in potentially displaying parts of the ship in the Cape Ray lighthouse museum.

Despite the excitement, there is also concern about the potential damage that could be caused to the wreck by sea ice, which is common in the area.

The shipwreck’s discovery serves as a reminder of the region’s maritime history and the often perilous relationship between its communities and the ocean.

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