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Newfoundland Gas Prices Rising Again

To no ones surprise, gas prices in Newfoundland & Labrador are on the rise again and we’ve got some of the details as to the who, what and why. The Public Utilities Board of NL has increased the price of gasoline higher by 0.9 cents per litre from just last week. We saw that diesel fuel increased by 2.3 cents per litre on the island, and a whopping 4.4-cent increase in Labrador.

So what about furnace oil? Oh you can bet your moose license that it will be increasing across the board as well. The price of furnace oil increased by 1.96 cents per litre along with a stove oil increases by 1.96 cents in Newfoundland. Labrador went up by 3.79 cents per litre as well in this same time.

Something something, death and taxes.

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