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Newfoundland and Labrador Food Sales Report For 2023

The statistics for Canada Food Services Sales: Receipts in Newfoundland and Labrador show the following:

In November 2023, the sales receipts were 85,361.000 CAD mn, a decrease from 88,816.000 CAD mn in October 2023. The data has been updated monthly, with an average of 41,330.000 CAD mn from January 1981 to November 2023.

The highest recorded sales were 101,790.000 CAD mn in July 2023, while the lowest was 8,234.000 CAD mn in January 1984.

In June 2023, sales in the food services and drinking places subsector in Canada increased across various categories:

– Limited-service restaurants saw a slight decline of -0.2%.
– Full-service restaurants had a significant increase of +9.9%.
– Special food services experienced a notable rise of +21.9%.
– Drinking places (alcoholic beverages) had an increase of +0.8%.

These statistics reflect the dynamic nature of the food services industry in Newfoundland and Labrador and Canada as a whole. To view the whole report click here to view all.

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