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Ome Pod In Burlington

If you’re looking for a unique getaway or staycation idea here in Newfoundland, then look no further than the Ome Pod in Burlington. This stylish cabin sits on the ocean’s edge and offers a very cozy living experience where you can sit by the fire and watch time and nature go by.

The Ome Pod is inspired by traditional Newfoundland architecture. A simple shed, a wooden house, a fishing platform, a wood stove, a simple kitchenette, hot showers, comfortable beds and extra pads make this one cozy spot.

Admire the incredible bay views through the glass doors or relax on the wrap-around deck. This little cabin is perfect for small families looking for adventure, couples exploring islands, or in my case a home base for photography adventures. I’ve been personally trying to get here for a couple years but it is very popular and is booked far in advance.

The Ome Pod starts at $234 CAD per night and typically is quite busy in the summer month’s so book soon rather than later. So far the entire summer of 2021 is booked up, but it looks like as of now there are a few days left in October. I should mentioned pets are allowed as well which is a nice extra.


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