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Bowring Park Labyrinth Gets City Approval

The Bowring Park labyrinth just got approved by the city today and this will begin construction almost immediately. The labyrinth will be located close to the South Brook Trail, and will be part of the Grand Concourse Trail network. I think the idea is great and will add even more draw to this fantastic green space within the city.

Apparently the Bowring Park labyrinth has been planned for quit some time, and the Bowring Park Foundation has been working to identify the best available site. It looks like the proposed location known as the ‘Squires Property’ in the west end of the park is where this will be located.

“Constructing a labyrinth in Bowring Park will add to not only the aesthetics of the area but will also provide an important health benefit to users”

Councillor Sandy Hickman, council representative for the Bowring Park Foundation. 

The entire project is projected to cost around $227,000 CAD, however a very generous $125,000 donation from the Cahill Family Foundation will to go towards the Bowring Park labyrinth. The city of St John’s has said they will fund its portion of the project from the Parks and Open Space Reserve Fund.

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