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Newfoundland Home Relocated By Floating Over The Atlantic Ocean

Only in Newfoundland would you relocate your home by floating it across the Atlantic Ocean with just some rope and a few boats to nudge it along. This lovely biscuit box home is the dream home of its owners and they watched on as their property was set into the Atlantic Ocean and dragged to its new home on the coastline in the Bay Of Islands.

This amazing journey was spread out over one kilometre but took a whopping eight hours amongst half a dozen boats to do the job correctly. I can only image the test of nerves watching this, let alone being the crew that is propelling the home over the cold waters of salty ocean.

How do you exactly float a home over the ocean? Barrels are placed underneath and then tied onto a metal frame. A few added rubber tires for good measure and off you go apparently. Does water get inside during a move like this? You bet your arse it does! The house at one point tipped over quite a bit which required a bit of help to get her back upright. When she got to shore, apparently there was water coming out of the cupboards and out the holes drilled into the floor before the move.

The house of course was stripped inside to its bones, so the family plans on rebuilding it from the ground up and extend the life a piece of Newfoundland history..and we love to see it. We wish the family all the best in restoring this beautiful biscuit box and hope it stays in the family for generations to come.

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