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Baynoddy Wool Sweater With Lupins

I saw this Baynoddy wool sweateron FBM today and had to share it with our readers and friends on social media. This is an authentic, made in Holyrood Newfoundland, Baynoddy wool sweater with beautiful lupin designs on the front and back. It’s in large/x-large women’s size as described by the seller, and being handmade this means you’ll want to really test the size first or think about it.

This is the kind of sweater that will get people talking, and I think it will get snapped up rather quick. Don’t fret though, Baynoddy is still making custom sweaters to order, this one is just from a private seller who had it made. This particular one is 80% wool and 20% Angora Rabbit, but you can talk to them by email and on Facebook about all wool options.

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